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Lednice-Valtice Area.
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Lednice-Valtice Area - Tour of the premises 2

Map of the tour.

We commence our tour in Lednice with a walk around the chateau garden, from where we reach the English park from the French gardens via the Greenhouse. We cross the bridge and the narrow pathway to our left leads us to the Minaret. On our way we pass by the grotto “Peklo/Hell” (1) and a true copy of a Roman aqueduct (2). The Minaret (3) is almost 60 metres high with a viewing balcony in Moorish style. We can vary our return journey to the castle by taking a boat ride. As well as two tours, the exhibitions in the Gallery show the Tudor gothic style of the interior. Children can have fun too amongst the elves and gargoyles in the Grotto with its stalactites. Lovers of the exotic will have their breath taken away by the palm greenhouse with its subtropical and tropical plants (5). We then make our way to Valtice, where we can visit the Church of Nanebevzetí Panny Marie (Assumption of the Virgin Mary) (6) or the nearby Národní zemědělské muzeum (National Agricultural Museum) (7). A fountain with its sandstone statue of a girl and the 17th century plague column form the central motifs of the square. The Valtice chateau (8), similarly to Lednice, offers tours and walks around the chateau gardens. Or we could stay in the chateau cellars and appreciate the magic of the Czech Republic Wine Salon with its selection of the one hundred best wines, and so we can bring our tour to an end in true connoisseur style.

Maybe you were unaware that...

  • The Border Chateau was built on the border of the Moravian Margraveship and Low Austria. This is shown in an inscription on the building and by the border stream, which once flowed from the vase on the statue of the reclining nymphs.
  • In 1676 a witch trial took place in Valtice, which by the standards of the day turned out more than well for the accused. The alleged witches not only survived the torture and imprisonment, but were even found innocent and released.

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