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Falconry - Falconers' evening gamebag after a hunt in the hunting grounds around Opočno in 2002..
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Litomyšl - the town of renaissance and music

Two-day combined stay in one of the most beautiful towns of our country. You will spend a pleasant time in renaissance Litomyšl, where you will let the music of Smetana take you away,take a stroll into the magical Nedošinské woods and spend the early evening sitting in the monastery gardens. The enchanting Litomyšl Castle or Váchal Portmoneum will most certainly leave you with pleasant memories. Visit the fairytale rococo castle Nové Hrady and end your stay at the rock town Toulovcovy Maštale.

Number of days 3
Predominant type of transportation car / motorcycle
Suitable for the type of customer middle-aged people without children, senior citizens, young and active
Period spring, summer, autumn
1. day accommodation, tour of Litomyšl
2. day (12 km) Breakfast at the guest house Petra, guided tour of the city – Smetana’s Square with a monument to Bedřich Smetana, Váchala Lane with graphite depicting scenes from the Bloody story, tour of the Portmonea – Museum of Josef Váchala, Smetana’s house, etc., lunch, afternoon stroll to Nedošínského woods (state nature reserve with hiking trail), visit and relax in the Monastery gardens with the piarist Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross and dormitory (the church is not accessible to the public), refreshments in the Monastery cellar in the Monastery gardens, dinner, concert.

Visited attractions and included services for this day
3. day (45 km) Breakfast, tour of Litomyšl Chateau, (national heritage sight and UNESCO sight since 1989), visit the chateau gardens, chateau theatre, lunch, depart by car to Nový Hrad, stop along the way at the Rose Meadow by Moravice (according to legend, this is where the pobělohorští exiles from the Unity of the Brethren, parted with their homeland, now a monument of the Unity of the Berthrens and J.A.Komensky),
lunch in the chateau restaurant in Nový Hrad, tour of the chateau, (exquisite rococo chateau called the “Czech Versailles” surrounded by a French park and fountains), a short stroll throughToulovcový Maštalemi, end of stay and departure.

Visited attractions and included services for this day
  • trail. Litomyšl – město renesance a hudby - 3. den (Planned route for touring by car/motorcycle, 45.2 km) gpx
    Information on altitude: start - 351 m, end - 351 m, ascended - 377 m, descended - 371 m, minimum - 327 m, maximum - 531 m
  • Litomyšl Chateau [10] - Jiráskova 93, Litomyšl, phone No.: 461615067
  • Pink field [11] - Újezdec, phone No.: 608282003
  • Portmoneum [4] - Terézy Novákové 75, Litomyšl, phone No.: 461615821
  • Nové Hrady [12] - čp. 1, Nové Hrady, phone No.: 469325353
  • Toulovcovy maštale [13]

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