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nahoru ^

Creative Africa or We all are Africans

Czech Tvůrčí Afrika aneb všichni jsme Afričani

Africa is a colourful continent with interesting and diverse cultural traditions and people. So don´t miss a chance to get acquainted with them in Prague, Pilsen, Hradec Králové and Ústí nad Labem on May (20-25 and 29), 2017. Since the 1980s, African theatres and dramatists have been flourishing, not only within the African continent. In Europe, the US and Canada, African dramatists have been referred to be the authors of the 3rd millennium. Intellectuals and artists from Africa also live in the Czech Republic and actively participate in the Czech cultural life. Yet Africa is still for many people a synonym for chaos, wars or just something such as exotic part of the world; not connected with the words such as art, spirituality or intellectuality. The aim of the event is to show a slightly different face of Africa and support new socio-cultural sensitivities in the society.

Type theatre festival
Event venue Praha
Date and time of event
  • Saturday 5/19/2017 - Thursday 5/24/2017
  • Wednesday 5/24/2016 - Tuesday 5/30/2016

The offer is available according to the actual opening hours

Barrier-free access Unknown
Data source Prague City Tourism

The exact place where the event will be held is not known.

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