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nahoru ^

Baron Munchhausen / Zdeněk Jecelín

Czech Baron Prášil / Zdeněk Jecelín

Welcome to the world of Baron Munchhausen. This world turns around somewhat faster than you are used to, and it is not much larger than the castle gardens. Despite this, everything can fit into it. It is a place of miraculous, unheard-of and unusual events … Just imagine: love and good triumph, and evil has not got the slightest chance. Welcome to the world of the most famous liar of all times. A world that cannot be found on maps and that can only be entered into at the time that thrushes sing. Prompt lies. Witty lies. Perfect lies. Lies for the entire family.

Type play
Event venue Rotating amphitheatre (Český Krumlov)
Date and time of event
  • Sunday 6/25/2017 15:00
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Data source Český Krumlov

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